Updated Berger Bullets Catalog

Posted March 8, 2013

In addition to our recent website updates, we have also updated our Berger Bullets Catalog. Our most up to date catalog includes information on the different line designs, a list of all of our current bullets, and quick reference sheets that give sample dimensions for all of our bullet designs. It also includes several pictures from our success stories page showing real shooters and the results they achieved with their Berger Bullets.

To make it easier for shooters to get a hold of, we have decided to make it available in several formats. Below you will find 3 different ways you can view our catalog.

You can view the catalog online using the flash version of the catalog. It is an interactive e-book where you can flip through the pages as if it were a real catalog.


Flash Version: View

If you prefer to have it saved to your computer, you can do that as well by downloading the .doc version to your computer. Once downloaded it can be opened with Microsoft Word or any other program that allows access to .doc files.


Microsoft Word Version: Download

If you like the feel of paper in your hands over a keyboard and mouse, you can request a physical copy by filling out the information on the form located Here.


You can let us know if you have any questions or comments by clicking here or by using the contact information below.


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