A Look at the Upcoming Shooting Season

Posted March 15, 2013

Today we rolled out another new portion of our website; The Berger Bullets Events Calendar. This calendar shows information for several events that we actively support or attend.

We are especially excited to release this since competition season is here and we are sure that a lot of people would love to find out where some of the big matches are going to be hosted at this year. The main goal of this project is to help people get involved in the shooting community and build lasting relationships between shooters. A strong community is the best way to ensure that the shooting sports continue for future generations to enjoy.

The Event’s Calendar will highlight each event in a specific color depending on what type of event it is. Classic Berger Yellow for Target Matches, Tan for Tactical Competitions, Light Orange for Varmint Competitions, Blaze Orange for Hunting Competitions, Blue for Tradeshows, and Forest Green for Fundraisers. If you click on an event a dropdown will come up that shows information regarding that event; such as when it will be, where it will be, and who to contact to sign up.

Events Calendar Drop Down

Events Calendar Drop Down

You may also notice that on the bottom of the drop down there are 2 yellow buttons. One is a link to a map of the location, so you can see exactly where it is. The second is a link to the event’s website (when applicable) so that you can find out more on how to join the event.

We will try to keep this calendar up to date as people submit their events to be added to the calendar. They will be able to do so at a separate form submission page, located here.

Comments or questions? Let us know by clicking here or by using the contact information below.

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