New 308 Winchester Ammo Featuring Berger 185gr Juggernaut Bullets!

Posted June 24, 2015

Bryan Litz, Chief Ballistician for Berger Bullets and ABM Ammo, has been hard at work in the ballistics lab developing more ABM Ammo using some of Berger’s most popular bullet designs. This summer, Bryan and ABM Ammo plan to release several new rounds that customers have been waiting for since ABM first launched. ABM Ammo just announced that they have released two of these rounds to the public; the 308 Winchester 185gr Match Juggernaut OTM Tactical and the 308 Winchester 185gr Match Juggernaut Target rounds.

These rounds are built around Berger 30 Caliber 185gr Match Juggernaut Target and Tactical bullets. Their Mission Ready™ round was designed for magazine fed rifles, while the Match Ready™ round was developed to get the most out of rifles that require single feeding into the chamber.

You can read more about these rounds in the blog that ABM Ammo posted on their website by clicking here.