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Posted May 26, 2016

We take great pride and delight in relaying the news that Berger has successfully proven a significant increase in the amount of match grade quality bullets we can produce.  After implementing the solution to our jacket making process in March of 2016, we are averaging nearly two times our record jacket output.  The best news is that these jackets meet and beat our industry leading .0003 TIR wall uniformity tolerance.  Additionally, as an unexpected side benefit, they are also exceeding our expectations in bullet forming performance.

We’ve been working very hard on a key challenge at Berger.  The challenge is in reducing the excessive time it takes to set up the jacket making press to achieve the .0003 or better TIR wall thickness uniformity that is required.   A set up that should take between 3 to 5 days frequently stretched into several weeks.  And far too frequently, set ups that took weeks ran into months.

This reality had a tremendous negative impact on our ability to make enough bullets.  It also made it impossible for us to establish a dependable production schedule.  We recognize that many who enjoy the higher quality Berger provides are willing to wait but they can’t wait forever especially lacking a reasonably accurate notion of how long.  Our shooters are understandably compelled to create loads with other brands since it is better to shoot anything than it is to not shoot at all regardless of which brand is being used.

The good news is that those who have been frustrated by the lack of availability of Berger Bullets will see that we’ve solved this problem in a big way. I am thrilled to relay that we are two months into a jacket production output rate that is nearly two times our highest output rate to date and, of course, the jacket quality is the same (and in some ways better).  It is clear now that we’ve identified and resolved the bottleneck in our ability to consistently produce .0003 TIR jackets.

This is not to suggest that many things were going poorly, but as a result of us being empowered with these impactful tools, we see now how we can use them to explore important things in new and enhanced ways. Getting stronger with using these tools means nothing but good things for our shooters, their results and the rifle shooting experience.

I regard these and other soon to be announced changes to Berger as being as impactful to the rifle shooting experience as the day Walt turned his first jacket to achieve .0003 TIR over half a century ago.  Shooters will see for themselves that our bullets are more readily available and will continue to be in far greater numbers.  This marks the dawning of a new age for Berger and for those who shoot our bullets.  We didn’t change everything; we are making what was already great even better, genuinely.

Eric Stecker, President

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