Tactical Success Stories

us flagAs with our other bullet lines, this is where we would relay stories about those who have used our Tactical bullets successfully.  You will not find that here.  Our Tactical bullets are used regularly by those who compete in tactical competitions and by those who enjoy recreational long range shooting but they are used in far greater numbers by those who engage in real world tactical situations.  We won’t relay the actions of those who bravely enforce our nation’s laws and protect our freedom.  It is regrettable (in my personal opinion) that we cannot celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals.  This has nothing to do with my desire to promote our bullets as their performance speak for themselves but rather because I believe it is important to honor these brave souls for their dedication, skill and service.

It is my personal opinion that as a group, the tactical shooters are the most capable and skilled long range marksmen in the world.  They are put to the ultimate performance test and succeed far more often than anyone is aware.  These individuals deserve to be celebrated and revered as grandly as we celebrate greatness in any area of life for they have worked far harder than most people can even comprehend to develop their ability to achieve success.

Due to circumstances that are understandable we must honor them silently as a group rather than individually for their many heroic accomplishments.  We will do so with our thoughts, prayers and with our commitment to making bullets that enable them to make the most of their superior ability.  I will sum up by saying that our Tactical bullets are used by genuine ass kickers who should be thanked every day for their countless successes in keeping all of us safe and free.

Eric Stecker
Berger Bullets