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Troy Bennett

Troy Bennett
30 cal 230gr Hybrid

“Berger Bullets allow me to make a one shot, ethical kill, which should be the number one goal for every hunter.”

…says Troy Bennett of Fountain, CO. Upon returning from deployment, Troy only had a week to get everything ready for his Colorado elk hunt. He used google earth to find a good wintering area that he knew he would find a few bulls in, hiked the four miles to the point, and found three bulls, bedded down and waited for his opportunity. He harvested this 5×5 bull at 500 yards with a single shot with no tracking necessary.

Gear Specs: Load Specs:
Model: Badger Ordnance M2013 Long Action Trigger: Calvin Elite Timney Cartridge: 300 Win Mag
Barrel: Bartlein Muzzle Break: Surefire Bullet: 30 cal 230gr Hybrid
Chassis: Kenetic Research Group Scope: Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21-50mm Loaded Into: ABM Ammo

Although effectively lethal, Berger Target bullets produce a more narrow wound channel than Berger Hunting bullets. For this reason we recommend using our Hunting bullets on game.



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