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Kenny Adams

“The 7mm 180 hybrids have made load testing much easier, and needless to say, raised my scores considerably!”

Team Grizzly…says Kenny Adams of Malabar, FL. Kenny has had many accomplishments throughout his shooting career both individually and as a proud member of Team Grizzly. This last year has proven to be another great year for him.

Pictured above is Kenny accepting his 1st Place Plaque from the 2013 F-Class World Championship. To the right, Ken is pictured with the rest of Team Grizzly accepting the Berger Trophy at the 2014 F-Class Nationals for 1st place F-Open 4 Man Team. Below is a list of just a few of his latest accomplishments from the past year.

2013 – F-Class Nationals – 2nd Place F-Open.
2013 – F-Class World Championship – 1st Place F-Open.
2013 – Christmas Match in Florida – 1st Place F-Open.
2014 – Southwest Nationals – 1st Place F-Open 4 Man Team and set a national record – Shooter on Team Grizzly.
2014 – Orange Blossom Regional – 1st Place F-Open.
2014 – Sinclair East Coast Fullbore Nationals – 1st Place F-Open and set new Fullbore national record.
2014 – Mid West Palma – 1st Place F-Open 1200 yd. match and set 1200 yd. record.
2014 – F-Class Nationals – 3rd Place F-Open.
2014 – F-Class Nationals – 1st Place F-Open 4 Man Team – Shooter on Team Grizzly.

Model: 7mm R-SAUM
Bullet: Berger 7mm 180 Grain Hybrid Target



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