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Kent Reeve
30 Cal 150 Gr FB Target

“March 10, 2017 proved to be a gorgeous day at Palm Bay Florida and it was next to the last day of the Orange Blossom, Mid-Range Regional. Bright sunny skies with mild, winds greeted us.

Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol club faces West, resulting in a marvelous sight picture as the targets are illuminated by the morning sun. I had a good position and felt confident as the preparation period ended. We were using Silver Mountain e-Targets and I had my LCD snuggled up close so I could see it without breaking position. My first sighting shot was a mid-ring 10 at 5 o’clock, so I came up ½ moa and left ¼ moa. After my second sighting shot, a 10 o’clock X, I knew this was going to be a good one. After the first few shots, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this load is really stacking them in there nicely’. The conditions were mild, but as the mirage changed I’d click into the build ups and remove windage for the let offs to stay centered in the X-ring. Low mirage is one of my favorite conditions and that is exactly what we had that day. The total wind spread was ¾ moa, so by staying centered, there was an opportunity to shoot many Xs.

The 20th shot was an X and match-director Brad Sutherland excitedly said, ‘Keep on shooting!’ After a perfect score, NRA rules say that the shooter can continue to fire until they shoot a shot other than an X. Since the previous record had stood for 19 years, I thought to myself, ‘don’t shoot anymore’. This way the next person who shoots a 200-20x will have the opportunity to break my new record. All they have to do is shoot one more X! It will take some fine shooting, but I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as I did.

An interesting tidbit of information, which I have not confirmed, but have heard, is that my record is the first new record shot on e-Targets. Favor center y’all!”

Load Specs:
Bullet: 30 Cal 150 Gr FB Target Powder: Vihtavouri N150
Primer: Russian  


Kent Reeve is one of the most accomplished long range shooters in the World. His list of many shooting accomplishments include winning the US Long Range National Championship, the Canadian Grand Aggregate Championship and Governor’s General Prize, and has been a member of multiple US Palma Teams.


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