In Store Promo Items

Berger Bullets offers several different tools to help you move product off of your shelves and make your staff more knowledgeable about our products. Below you will find many of the items we offer free to our Authorized Dealers. To request these items, please contact your Account Manager directly. If you do not know who your account manager is, please email for more information.

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Our brochures have all the information your customers need to make an informed decision on which Berger Bullets would be best for them.

They contain detailed descriptions of every bullet style, specifications for each bullet, and plenty of pictures of real Berger successes!

Our posters are a perfect quick reference for anyone trying to find which bullet would be best for them.

They contain the name, part number, G1 BC, G7 BC, and recommended twist rate for every one of the bullets we currently produce.

Our counter boxes are an easy way for you to display our brochures and posters to your customers.

Each box contains 25 brochures with posters inserted into them. As an added bonus, we put 10 large stickers and 10 small stickers in every box!

Everyone loves stickers. Your customers can decorate their ammo boxes, reloading benches, and more.

Each bundle contains 10 stickers. Stickers are available in large 1 3/4″ x 6″ and small 1″ x 3″.

Our iron-on patches are another easy way to show off your Berger pride.

Your customers can iron these onto t-shirts, jackets, or any cloth surface. Shooters especially love putting these on their rifle bags!

Need some pens to use around your shop?

Just be wary because your customers are sure to walk off with them!

Our counter mats are 14″ x 19″ and are much more sturdy than most other counter mats you find.

They display each part number, description, G1 BC, G7 BC, and recommended twist rate for each of our current bullets in an easy to read quick-reference format.

Educational packets are your employees’ best source of quick information when speaking directly to customers about our products.

They contain everything they would need to know to answer the most common questions customers have.

Our hunting dvds are a great way to show your customers the capabilities of a Berger Hunting Bullet.

You can play it on a loop in your store in the reloading section or hand them out to customers who have questions about Berger’s performance on game.

These are sure to convert a few hunters into Berger believers.

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