Company Vision

gun scope iconWalt Berger’s core beliefs and values are the foundation upon which we continue to build and evolve Berger Bullets.  One of these beliefs is the idea that “if a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.”  One of our responsibilities to you, the customer, is to always be envisioning the future on how we can constantly improve our products and services.  It is our belief that making tomorrow better is accomplished by never being satisfied with what we know today.

Staying hungry for knowledge and improvements compels us to be prepared for discovering new and better ways to provide you with better products and great service.  Walt has provided us with a pattern of innovations that we can utilize to evolve to even greater heights.  At one point, Walt had to turn jackets one at a time on a small lathe to achieve .0003 TIR (Total Indicated Runout).  Today the J4 jacket is made to this tolerance or less in every lot.  From 1955 through 1997, all Berger Bullets were made by hand using RCBS presses.  At one point, we were making over 8 million bullets a year by hand.  In 1997, our first automated machine was built, incorporating the same characteristics of our hand press operation into an automated machine.

We’ve not only evolved our process of making jackets and bullets, but we have also evolved and improved upon bullet designs.  In the mid-80’s, the very first VLD bullet was produced by Berger Bullets.  Designed by Bill Davis, the 6mm 105 gr VLD was capable of shooting flatter and being less effected by wind than the most popular 30 cal 168 gr bullet in production at the time.  In 2009, Bryan Litz developed the Hybrid design, which incorporates both a tangent and a secant ogive into one nose shape.  The Hybrid design incorporates the best characteristics of both bullet designs, resulting in bullets with nose shapes that provide an extremely high Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.) and are much easier to tune.

Our vision of the future of Berger is clear; and at the same time, has much that is currently unknown.  The clear part is that we are continuously questioning everything.  How can we make bullets even better and more effective in their given application?  How can we provide better service and information to our dealers and, most importantly, our customers who choose to shoot our bullets?  How can Berger Bullets remain the gold standard for rifle bullet manufacturing within the entire industry?

The part of our vision that is unknown today is the answers to these questions.  However, the important aspect of our vision that will remain clear and that will continue to drive us into the unknown is that we are never fully satisfied with what we know today.  We will continue to build upon Walt’s strong foundation by constantly questioning everything.  To all of us at Berger Bullets, the most energizing part about this effort is that we are excited about the things that we don’t even know yet.  It is only a matter of time and effort until our preparations result in further discoveries, and we evolve Berger again to greater heights in order to service our customers even better.

Eric Stecker
Master Bulletsmith