Posted March 1, 2013

As part of our ongoing renovations to our website we have changed around a bit of how our website works and looks as well. We wanted to take a few minutes and explain the major changes you can see, and explain why this helps you out as a customer.

Besides the graphical and layout changes, the first change that anyone trying to find bullets might notice is that we are not taking back orders on our website right now. Over the past few months our production times per bullet model have grown significantly due to overwhelming demand. This means that if you place a back order with us you could be on a wait list for quite some time. We want to encourage our consumers to use our Dealers Map Page to try to find their products. The fact of the matter is, it might be easier and faster to find bullets through a dealer than directly through us. We want you out building your loads, competing, hunting, plinking, and having fun; so our goal is to get you bullets as quickly as possible.

out of stock

If an item is out of stock, there will not be an “Add to Cart” button.

in stock

If an item is in stock, there will be an “Add to Cart” Button.


So, what do we recommend you do to find bullets then?

First, try our Dealer Map Page to see if any of your local dealers have the bullets in stock. If none of them have the bullet you are looking for in stock, try our Top Dealers Page. If you still have no luck, give us a call at 714-441-7200 and we will be glad to help you place a back order with us. Just remember, bullet back order times can range from 2 weeks to 6 months or longer depending on the bullet model requested, so order early this season!

Did we make any other changes to the store website?

We have changed where you can find the “Add to Cart” button on our website. Before, you could add an item to your cart without knowing it was on back order if you added it from the category pages, featured product pages, top sellers pages, or new product pages. This has caused confusion on more than one occasion, and to prevent this you would now have to go to the product page in order to add an item to your cart. When on the product page you will be able to see if an item is in stock, on back order, or out of stock before adding it to your cart, which should make it easier to tell if you are placing a back-order or not.


Useful Links:

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Dealer Map Page

Top Dealers Page


As always, anytime you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be glad to help you out!



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