Bryan Litz Ballistics Seminars

These two day seminars cover practical elements of External Ballistics. Information is presented in a general way which applies equally to all long range shooting disciplines (hunting, competition, tactical, etc.).


Ballistician Bryan Litz will be the primary speaker presenting material from: his books, the Applied Ballistics Lab, and experience shooting in various disciplines.

Other industry speakers are being invited to present on various topics related to ballistics and long range shooting. Below is a list of guest speakers who will be presenting at the various events (note: all of the guest speakers below may not be at every event).

Guest Speakers:

Topics Include:

Subjects are introduced from an academic first principles perspective. Once the scientific basis for the material is established, the ideas are further demonstrated with examples from instrumented live fire. We explain the science, and then present examples of the principles in action. The goal is that you’ll leave with an understanding of the subject matter, as well as a knowledge of how to apply it in the real world.

Daily Schedule:


Each attendee will receive:


Dates and Locations:

The 2017 Seminar dates and locations have not been selected yet. Once they are, you will find that information on this page, and it will be announced via email. So make sure you are signed up to receive our news letters: Sign Up Here.

More details on the Applied Ballistics Seminar page.

The goal is to have an educational discussion on topics related to external ballistics. The seminar will be structured, but a great deal of time is allotted for questions and discussion. By the end of the seminar, everyone should be very comfortable with their understanding of how to apply ballistics in the real world to hit long range targets.

How: To sign up, go the the Applied Ballistics online store and purchase the 2017 seminar registration for the event you wish to attend.