Bryan Litz’s Articles, Blogs and Case Studies

In addition to the popular books that Bryan Litz is well-known for, he has published several articles, blogs and case studies about various topics through several sources. Below you will find a list of some of his blogs and a few links where you can find articles that Bryan was featured in, contributed to or influenced.


Applied Ballistics, LLC. Case Studies:

Recreational Case Studies

Professional Case Studies


Berger Bullets blogs and articles:

The Effects of OAL, COAL and CBTO Part 1

The Effects of OAL, COAL and CBTO Part 2

Remington-Bushmaster 2012 Long Range Regional

Form Factors: A Useful Analysis Tool

Update Regarding the 338 Hybrids

Berger Ballistics Program

Hitting Targets at Long Range

A Better Ballistic Coefficient

Twist Requirement for the New 204 Caliber 55 Grain Long Range BT Bullets articles:

Understanding the Wind’s Influence by Dan Periard

Using WEZ Analysis to Increase Probability of Hit by Dan Periard

Maximizing Weapon-Mounted Laser Rangefinder Performance through Proper Alignment by Nick Vitalbo

Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting

Applied Ballistics, Demos Newest Ibeam During Limited User Assessment At Quantico

More Articles at articles:

Tangent VS Secent VS Hybrid Ogive Bullets

7mm Cartridge Guide

Bullet Guide

Palma Match POV

All Articles Tagged with “Bryan Litz” articles:

What’s wrong with 30 caliber?

Berger Bullets’ Move To The G7 Standard BC

Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting articles:

Berger’s 7mm VLD Bullets; Part 1: Properties and Test Results

All Articles Tagged with “Bryan Litz”



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