Berger Bullets Announces Launch of a New Ammo Company

Posted August 7, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Berger Bullets is launching Applied Ballistics Munitions, also referred to as ABM Ammo or ABM. Setting up our operation has been a long process, but now we are all set-up and ready to go. You can see ABM’s website at

ABM-logoABM Ammo specializes in making the highest quality rifle ammunition using three specific cases: 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum and 338 Lapua Magnum. We are focusing ABM’s production on these cases in a deliberate effort to develop the best ammunition possible for the Special Forces sniper and operator community under the product name “Mission Ready™.”

Even though ABM’s objective is to develop the best ammo possible for these American heroes we are also making ammo for hunting and target shooting to the same high standards. Using these same three cases, ABM has developed loads with the precision hunter and target shooter in mind under the product names “Hunt Ready™” and “Match Ready™.”

Each product line is loaded with the Berger Bullet that best fits a given application. Each of the bullets used have been proven performers among the hand loading community for years and in some cases, decades. They include the following bullets:

ABM Cartridges

In a process developed by our very own Bryan Litz, all ABM ammo has been engineered and proven in his Applied Ballistics laboratory. This includes thorough testing and evaluation of all components including the testing of each individual lot of each components used in the ammo.

We are using only those components that prove they are capable of the lowest velocity standard deviation. The cases have been built especially for ABM by a prominent case manufacturer. The powders used are selected and then tested from among the top brands in smokeless powder. Lastly, the primers are put through this same process and selected based on testing performance. All of the brands used for ABM components are those found on the loading benches of the most discerning precision rifle hand loader.

ABM-boxesWhen you combine the capabilities of Berger Bullets, Bryan Litz and decades of precision ammunition loading experience with the top components used by hand loaders what you get is consistent performance from shot to shot and more importantly from lot to lot. Keep in mind, ABM’s production process was developed by the same people who produce precision rifle bullets, the highly regarded company, Berger Bullets.

Eric Stecker, President of Applied Ballistics Munitions relays, “Launching an ammunition company in today’s firearm market environment has been a challenging experience. The product will speak for itself among the shooters as to why it is so important that we pursue this effort.”

If you shoot 308 Win, 300 Win Mag or 338 Lapua Mag you owe it to yourself to give ABM ammo a try. You won’t find ammo that is produced with as much preparation, testing and care as we employ for ABM ammo. If you don’t shoot these cases then we encourage you to pass this message along to someone you know who does. After they get a chance to try this ammo they will be thanking you for the heads up about ABM.