Berger Announces Technical Support “Dream Team”

Posted February 13, 2009

When I returned to Berger in 2004, I was able to spend more time communicating directly with shooters through emails, phone calls and these forums. I believe strongly that it is from these interactions that we gain a better understanding of what rifle shooters need to be successful. I also understand that there are many shooters who need technical assistance.

Thanks to your support, Berger has been blessed with significant growth. Lately, the challenges that go along with growth while staying focused on quality have pulled me away from the phone, emails and forums. For some time, I have been working on resolving this shortcoming. Our announcement today is the final piece in our solution to this challenge.

Below is a list of Berger Bullets’ resources that shooters can go to get the answers they need.

Technical Support by Phone – 714-447-5458
Berger has partnered with Sinclair International to provide extensive phone coverage by active and knowledgeable shooters. Led by Bill Gravatt, Sinclair is a highly-respected and legitimate source for technical assistance (among other things).

Loading Data and Technical Assistance from Walt
Founder and member of the Benchrest Hall of Fame, Walt Berger’s extensive shooting experience is a tremendous resource for those who need help. Over the last several years, Walt has been working on our loading manual. This work has generated loading data specific to Berger Bullets in most popular cartridges.

External Ballistic Assistance from Bryan
Bryan’s reputation as a top external ballistics mind is well known. Equally recognized is his success as a competitive target shooter. Bryan is available for those who need to address advanced external ballistics concerns.

We will also continue to actively engage the forums as we strongly believe that forums are a valuable resource for all shooters (us included).

All of the people listed above are active rifle shooters and are committed to your success. These folks can provide an even greater level of shooting-related technical assistance than I. For this reason, you will see less of me as I focus my attention on the production floor (which is my strength). I will not be disconnected or unavailable, but I will rely heavily on this “dream team” of technical experts to provide you with the information you need to get back to the range or into the field.

Eric Stecker
Master Bulletsmith
Executive Vice President
Berger Bullets