ABM Now Producing 300 Norma Mission Ready Ammunition

Posted September 23, 2016


ABM is proud to announce the release of 300 Norma ammunition loaded with 215 and 230 grain Berger Hybrid Target bullets. The 300 Norma is an exceptional cartridge, producing high velocities with heavy bullets, while maintaining its inherent precision and consistency in modern rifles.


Performance of the ABM loads

ABM (now Berger Ammunition) is offering two Mission Ready loads for the 300 Norma: one with the Berger 215 grain Target Hybrid, and one with the 230 grain Target Hybrid. In a 26” barrel, the 230 grain Berger Hybrid is pushed to 2934 fps average, and the 215 grain Hybrid is at 3017 fps. These are very comfortable and reliable loads which produce relatively high velocities for the heavy 215 and 230 grain bullets, which are both very high BC options. In standard sea level conditions, both of these loads remain supersonic out to 1500 yards. The bullets are transonic stable, which means you can continue to predict trajectories out to a mile and beyond.

The combination of high BC Berger Hybrid Bullets, high and consistent muzzle velocities, along with inherent precision makes this round a very exciting option, and we’re thrilled to make it available to our customers.

“I’ve seen more first round hits at a mile with the 300 Norma than any other cartridge.” – Bryan Litz

Todd Hodnett on the 300 Norma Magnum

The exceptional performance of the 300 Norma Mag was highlighted in this 2012 article by Long Range/Sniper Instructor Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st Development Group, Inc. Todd Hodnett has been a pioneer in the field of long range shooting and instruction. His training techniques and innovative approach to long range shooting has redefined the industry. In this article, Todd compared the performance of the 300 Norma loaded with a Berger Hybrid against the cartridges and bullets currently deployed by the Armed Forces. He makes a compelling case to consider the 300 Norma for military use.