ABM launches a new 300 Win Mag Mission Ready round loaded with the Berger 215gr Hybrid Target Bullet

Posted July 5, 2016


ABM Ammo (Now Berger Ammunition) has announced the release of the 300 Winchester Magnum 215gr Hybrid Target Mission Ready round. This round is loaded with the Berger 30 Caliber 215gr Hybrid Target bullet for maximum BC. The hybrid ogive profile of this bullet was developed by our Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz. This unique ogive profile combines the streamlined design of a secant ogive with a traditional tangent ogive. The 215gr is an exciting design for ammunition manufacturers like ABM Ammo, as it allows them to load a high BC bullet into factory ammunition that shoots well out of various rifle platforms with a 1:9” twist rate or faster.

Bryan developed this round loaded to a 3.600” approximate COAL. The ammunition’s length limits the amount of magazines it is able to feed through, however this allows much higher velocities than otherwise possible. When pushed out of a 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge, it is capable of getting 2886 fps muzzle velocity out of ABM’s lab rifle, which is 86 fps faster than the 230gr load out of the same rifle. This trade off makes the two loads very comparable when shooting at extended range distances. This round has undergone extensive testing by highly capable shooters and has proven its worth out of multiple platforms.

In preparation for the release of this round, ABM Ammo partnered with LongRangeOnly.com for extensive field testing.

“What can I say bad about this ammo? It’s passed every one of the tests above my expectations,” says Long Range Only Editor, Jeff Brozovich.

Jeff did the initial testing and got some great results from this ammunition. He took this round through the gauntlet of testing by weighing it, measuring it, and he also did some short range and long range shooting with it. He is a seasoned handloader and while measuring the seating depth of this loaded ammunition he stated he was very impressed and it was “as close as I could probably load them.”

To see Jeff’s results and watch his full review click below.

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300 Win Mag 215gr Hybrid Target Mission Ready Round Data

Part Number: 14-70100

Approximate COAL: 3.600″

The Cartridge Overall Length for this round exceeds SAAMI specified standards and might not feed through SAAMI compliant magazines.

Distance (yds) Muzzle 100 200 300 400
Velocity (fps) 2886 2753 2622 2496 2373
3977 3618 3284 2974 2688

*Performance based on a 26″ barrel and sea level conditions.

Bullet Details

G1 BC    0.691

G7 BC    0.354

Click here to use the Berger Bullets Ballistics Calculator to calculate your custom drop chart using this round.